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In the late 1970’s Chet and June Weaver established Superstition Stables. When they purchased the original five acres there was no water, sewer or electricity in the area. There were only miles of dirt roads and desert.

The only structures on the site were an old Pony Express Stop - which they used for an office - and an arena. For many years, the arena was known as the largest arena in the Arizona valley.

In 1995, The Weavers retired at the age of 80 and handed down the Stables to their daughter Beverly.



In 2018, Beverly decided to retire and travel the 50 States in her RV. The property was sold and the new owners immediately began making capital improvements while pledging to honor The Weavers legacy and vision.

Today Superstition Stables is operating as a thriving equestrian center with year-round horse boarding and RV camping. 

Supersition Stables does not offer riding lessons or event hosting, but does provide quality horse care and the best boarding expereince in Arizona. 


Now Offering Year-Round Horse Boarding

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