Year-Round Horse Boarding



Self-Care Horse Boarding is

available only for residents

living on site in

designated RV stalls

*price subject to change



Mucking stalls

Providing good quality hay

Feeding twice daily

Cleaning and filling water bucket

*price subject to change

Horse Stalls

Partial Covered Shade Stalls:

Standard Stall - 12X24

Large One Horse Stall - 16X24

One Horse Suite Stall - 24X24

Two Horse Paddock - 24X36

Four Horse Paddock - 50X50

Fully Covered Barn Stalls:



Horse Stalls are cleaned daily by our experienced and dedicated staff. We also offer blanketing, feeding supplements and other optional services

Horse Pens and Fully Lit Arena

1 - 30 ft. round pen
1 - 50 ft. round pen
1 - 280 ft. X 130 ft. lighted arena


Four large horse wash stations

Common Tack Room

Private Tack Rooms



Social events during winter

Trailer parking & storage

Party area for rent

Plenty of parking

Security gate

P&M arena is only 2 blocks from the stables

Health Requirements

Negative Coggins test within the last 12 months or proof that your horse has been within the state of Arizona for the last two years.

  1. Influenza (used to prevent nasal and some viral nasal conditions)
  2. Rhino pneumonitis (used to prevent colds)
  3. Strangles (intranasal)
  4. Rabies
  5. West Nile
  6. Tetanus
  7. Equine Encephalomyelitis - Eastern and Western (used to prevent sleeping sickness)
  8. On a current deworming program

Proof of all above can be copied from your veterinarian's records or if you do your own inoculations - your records.